Bonds a Yankee?


I’ve just read from  that the Yankees are having meetings, and Barry Bonds name was mentioned. Check the website for more info. Interesting, and although a Yankee hater I’d love to see it.


– Phillip Boyd

Quick Summary: Seasons 1902 and 1903

Hey, it’s Phillip and I haven’t had good luck in our BM Jam, lol. In 1903 Al’s Giants won the World Series! Congrats to him, sucks for me, but nevertheless congrats. In 1902 I beat him in standings again with my key turned bankrupt uneeded siging of Honus Wagner. But like I said 1903 was Al’s year. So here;s the champions of each year so far.


1901 – Tigers

1902 – Phillies

1903 – Giants Al Men

1904 – ?


Hopefully I can bring a championship to Brooklyn in 1904 :p

The Boyd-Smith Baseball Mogul Jam Season 1 sim

Hey all, its Al and I have simmed the first season between Phillip and I in our baseball Mogul Competition. The Year is 1901 and I am so excited. I will now report the details of the first season


New York Giants

I began the season by trading George Van Haltren, Ed Doheny,Dummy Taylor, and $26,000 to the Cincinatti Reds for Sam Crawford and Jake Beckley.


End Of Year Srandings



goes on to world series to play the Detroit Tigers


Brooklyn-73-67 19.0 games back

New York-65-75 27 games back


Brooklyn wins season 1 of our competition


Now Head To head


The Giants beat the Dodgers by winning 11 out of 19 games that the two faced each other in.


The Dodgers won the more games

Giants one more games the two played eachother in.


Next season is 1902 and will be simmed by Phillip. But not before world series results. Our Predictions are coming up on this blog.



Tigers Vs. Pirates in the world series





The Boyd-Smith Baseball Mogul Jam



Me and my buddy Al are undertaking a fun amusing task. We are taking Baseball Mogul and simuating baseball from 1901 till as far as we can. I’m the Dodgers, but I’ve changed their name to the Brooklyn Boyds. Al is the Giants. He’s simming the first season, then I the next, and then alternating. We are both allotted 2 transactions per season. We’ll be chronicling our adventure here. So let the games begin! 


– Phillip Boyd

hola amigas, me watcha durham online…a

Hello everyone… dont speak much spanish but i wanted to give it a try… As you saw yesterday, Ray Durham looks weird in a Brewers uniform and now he is in his first game as a member of the team. Through 3 innings he hasent played. In an event of an injury or other reasons he could play. Ill keep you updated


Im on Durham Watch


Al Smith

Cubs = Cheaters?



I’ve just read from that the Cubs were fined for draft violations in June. Cheaters! Just playing, but seriously they were fined for rules violations in the first year playerdraft. They supposedly did not report signings, even before the rookies played on their respective minor league fields! Wow, and what is even worse is that they ca be fined even more. Interesting, but not really a huge effect on the league if any at all.


– Phillip

Joke to lighten the mood between Phillip and I

An elderly retired gentleman had had severe hearing problems for some time.

He went to the doctor and the doctor was able to have him fitted for a set of hearing aids that allowed the man to hear better than he had ever heard before.

One month later, the elderly man went back again to the doctor. The doctor said, “Your hearing is perfect. Your family must be really pleased that you can hear again.”

The gentleman said, “Oh, I haven’t told my family yet. I just sit around and listen to the conversations. I’ve changed my will three times!”


Al Smith

Dodgers tied for 1st (a giants fans view)

so the Dodgers have just tied the D-backs for 1st place in THIS division. Is that really trophy worthy. Nobody really cares when your in a division whos leader isint even at 500 that shows how much this division sucks. The winner out of this division will be the luckiest team ever. As far as i know, no playoff team has ever had as bad of a record as the winner of this division will. If somehow the winner ends up winning the world series that will be the worst BS that has ever happened in the history of baseball. It will take away all credit that baseball deserves. A horable team winning the top prize in baseball for not even winning half of their games. Congratulations thats a prize i wouldent want. Finally Congratulations LA for tying the dbacks as the best of the worst in the worst division, just like all the other teams in the division (including my Giants) suck. In any other division you would be floating at the very bottom but you know what you suck and the whole division sucks. Baseball should just make a decision not to let any team thats under 500 play in the playoffs that takes away from the point of the game. The best teams wouldent be playing.


Al Smith